OutFront MN Conference and ‘Messiah’

Here’s a report from one of our newest singers, DeLissa, about a busy weekend of singing and networking in the social justice community.


“Jeanne and I attended the OutFront Minnesota Equality and Justice Summit representing Calliope on Saturday, Dec. 1. The day-long conference included breakfast, lunch and a celebration party at the end for volunteers.  We were able to stay until 1 p.m.  We handed out 40 flyers, which included our save-the-date for the April concert.  People were receptive of Jeanne and her excitement for the choir.  Both of us were able to network and speak with the two other choirs there, One Voice, and Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus.  Jeanne is a veteran as it comes to these types of conferences, but this was a first for me.
As a nurse I am a huge advocate for Advance Directive or living wills.  And I was so happy and pleasantly surprised to see a class on Aging, which included the topic of Advance directives.  I just hope that we are able to keep the roll going with the open communication and open feeling of community for all members as they age.
 I learned about the difference of pronouns.  I was able to understand more about how a person may address themselves, and how important it is for the public to understand.  This was a wonderful reflection for me to learn about, as a nurse I am always trying to improve my practice and care towards a patient, but I am learning more and more that they aren’t just a patient, but a person, a name, and a love to someone.
 Overall this was a wonderful experience, I am grateful for the knowledge which I obtained, and I hope to explore more in conservation with you all as I learn more and ask my curious questions.  This was a wonderful opportunity for Jeanne and I to represent Calliopes Women’s Chorus.    


Another Adventure
Jeanne, Monica, my mother and I went to St. Olaf’s Church in Minneapolis on Sunday to participate in Handel’s ‘Messiah.’  Our director, Richard, was present singing in the Minnesota Chorale, they were all dressed in tuxes and beautiful black dresses.  This again was a first for me, both Jeanne and Monica have been before.  The shivers I felt when the tenors and bass echoed the soprano’s was amazing.  Then when the altos sang I was jealous! The sound which came from them was so wonderfully beautiful, it was round, holy, soothing.  It was amazing, maybe as I age and my voice changes I might get to be an alto.  Oh my goodness, I was just in awe of the sounds around the church.
The Messiah only took about an hour, we skipped through a few parts.  Afterward we had cookies, and lemonade.   We went back in line for the yummy treats hoping no one would notice, but Jeanne was the leader so I just followed …  good and bad, I know.
 Overall it was a wonderful weekend, and I am so proud to be able to have such depth within our choir community to be able to do wonderful things all weekend.”

Humming along, DeLissa

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