Singer Spotlight: Kelly Deasy

We’re celebrating the 50 amazing soprano and alto voices that make up our choir by featuring Calliope members on our blog!

Kelly Deasy | Alto II

Length of time in Calliope: This might be my seventh season.

Day job: I’m a occupational therapy assistant at an outpatient pediatric clinic. I love my job; I get paid to play!

My theme song is: I guess it’s ever-changing and dependent on my mood. I’d say my overall life’s theme song is “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Trust I have that whistle part on lock!

My favorite pastime (besides singing) is: Being outside (from April to October): hiking, camping, playing softball. Indoor activities include karaoke, game nights, snuggling my pups.

What gets me up in the morning is: Quite literally the promise of coffee, and my dogs needing to go out.

What I love most about singing with Calliope is: I’ve always loved to sing. I was in a children’s chorus from age 9 and sang all through junior and senior high. Being in choir was something I really missed in my grown-up life. I think it’s cool when adults do things that kid-them loved doing, or wished they could have done. I love using my voice to make beautiful music alongside my sister singers.

What I’m most excited about this season is: I’m excited to see the direction Krystal takes us in. I’m generally slow to warm with change, but I can already say that I’m appreciating her approach to guiding us into the future.