Singer Spotlight: Robyn Goodell

We are taking a break to refuel before the New Year, but we still wanted to feature some of the Sopranos and Altos that make up our group! If you’d like to join us, we are holding auditions on January 3 and 6. More info here!

Robyn Goodell | She/her/hers | Soprano 1

Length of Time in Calliope: 3 Seasons

Day Job: Mental Health Administration FB_IMG_1544679897597

My theme song is: “Oh Bondage! Up Yours!” by the X-Ray Spex or Erik Satie’s “Gnossienne No. 1”.

My favorite pastime (besides singing) is: Cooking, sewing, watching TV or organizing my closet 🙂

What gets me up in the morning is: Cheese. It’s all I live for.

What I love most about singing with Calliope is: The camaraderie with my fellow singers and the interesting variety of fun, sometimes difficult music is so great for me. Plus, I love having a community of people who share my love and passion for music, feminism and social justice.

My favorite song we’ve sang this season is: This past season we sang “Finding Her Here”, which was a beautiful song with the chorus “I am becoming the woman I’ve wanted.” which was so meaningful for me. I also loved singing “Koowu”, it’s such a BEAUTIFUL piece!

What I’m most excited about this season is: New music! Also expanding my role as Calliope’s Fundraising committee co-chair! I get to do new things and really help out the choir!