Spring Concert 2013 Photos

Calliope’s two spring concerts with our new conductor Richard Carrick were a resounding success! From the wonderful faces in the audience to the wonderful guest performers on stage, we were privileged to have the opportunity, and think we sounded pretty darn good to-boot.

A collection of photos from Calliope’s awesome volunteer photographer, Tracy Ringger, have been posted below!

In addition, photographer Sophia Hantzes from Lavendar Magazine attended our matinee at Macalester Plymouth United Methodist Church on the Macalester College campus (where we practice.) You can view Hantzes’ photographs on the Lavendar website.

Calliope spring concert 2013

Calliope small group concert 2013

AP and Jessica at piano, Calliope spring concert 2013

Richard Carrick Calliope conductor 2013

Sue Soloist Calliope spring concert 2013

Melody and Mark Calliope guitar 2013

Small Group Calliope concert spring 2013


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