Calliope at Pride 2013!

Calliope Buddy at Pride Fest TC 2013
Buddy, Jeanne’s dog, sported a rainbow lei and a laid-back attitude while “working” at Pride on Sunday afternoon.

Twin Cities Pride Festival weekend in June was particularly celebratory in the Twin Cities following passage of marriage equality by the state Legislature just a few months prior—and the beautiful weather didn’t hurt.

Over at Calliope’s booth, we met with potential singers and mingled with our neighboring  performance organizations—Minnesota Freedom Band, the Minnesota Philharmonic, and One Voice Mixed Chorus.

Needless to say, you can’t put a group of performers together on a festive summer day without expecting a few hijinks. The kazoo and vocal arrangement of “Going to the Chapel” that developed on Saturday will be particularly memorable for our table volunteers and hopefully the festival-goers that were walking by!

If you missed a chance to sign up for more information about Calliope or our auditions scheduled in August, email to get in touch.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s Pride!



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