Singer Spotlight: Jane Sturges

We’re celebrating the 50 amazing soprano and alto voices that make up our choir by featuring individual members on the Calliope blog! Kicking off this series is…

Jane Sturges | Soprano 2

Twitter handle: @cellardoor10

Length of time in Calliope: This is my fourth year.

Day job: Admin for International Tax Accountants!

My theme song is: “Salute” by Little Mix

My favorite pastime (besides singing) is: Anything nerdy. It goes in waves. So currently it’s all Dungeons & Dragons, but it’ll likely swing back to nerdy TV shows/movies, books, board games and computer games with time.

The best movie ever made is: Well, there’s a difference between best movie and favorite movie, and it’s an ever-rotating list. But I’ll tell you two of the top entries in my list for favorites. My current favorite movie is “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” which brought women, people of color, a complicated, intricate, vulnerable villain and modern feminism into a series that has alternated between failing at feminism (Queen Amidala in “Revenge of the Sith,” I’m looking at you) and being decidedly anti-feminist (all of the dudes in the original series).

As for a long-standing favorite, I’d have to go with “Saving Face.” For my money, it’s one of the best lesbian movies ever made, features a cast that is mostly people of color, including some queer folks, and delves into a variety of non-traditional family structures and how they sometimes conflict with a traditional cultural system. I also identify with some of the mother/daughter dynamics in that movie, having a mother that might have been interested in me respecting some of the cultural niceties she fruitlessly tried to teach me. Cotillion was completely lost on me. Plus, I always love a good “be true to yourself” sort of story, and this one does that well.

What gets me up in the morning is: Well, usually my wife reminding me that I need to wake up and get to work. Did you mean more existentially? I’m pretty happy where I am in life right now: married, dog, house, job, hobbies. All are going pretty well, and I’m enjoying living them. Gotta be awake to do that effectively, though.

What I love most about singing with Calliope is: I’ve made a lotof great friends, and I get to keep that artistic expression going. It’s like paying attention to a part of you that is neglected at work and in parts of daily life.

What I’m most excited about this season is: It’s always exciting to have a new director, new members, new songs. A whole new set of challenges and emotions and connections is ahead. Our previous director did so many amazing things, and I’m also really excited to see what new vision Krystal has for us.